About Us


GIFTCARD.CLUB was developed as a consortium of industry professionals to assist affinity group and corporate clients and expedite the time to market, minimize research and learning curve, and ensure competitive pricing based on competitive purchasing and proper technology integration.

Our experience ensures rapid response, trusted knowledge, and stress-free delivery.



GIFTCARD.CLUB  relies upon an established and growing network of advertising, marketing, incentive, and technology professionals and corporations serving the gift card and digital reward marketplaces through business development, strategic partnerships,  and software and platform integration. Aside from our work with the nation's leading gift card providers, our agency and resellers network can execute programs worldwide.

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Meet The Team


Andrew J. Borislow

For over thirty years, Andrew has consulted to recognized start-ups and leading corporations in the development, sourcing, and implementation of strategic partnerships, integrated marketing programs, and business development.

Ira Ozer

Ira is a recognized expert in enterprise engagement and assists companies to assess, improve, and motivate employee, sales, channel partner, and customer satisfaction and performance.