About Us

Life Unearthed.

OKVEGAN provides complimentary access to information, savings, and special offers from more than one hundred product and service providers. Our members come to OKVEGAN to discover, explore, and save on vegan and plant-based lifestyle products, brands, and services.

While we advocate a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, we understand that only 12% of people buying vegan brands are actually vegan. We are encouraged that plant-based retail sales in the United States grew 27% in 2020 and  57% of U.S. Households now purchase plant-based foods.

Our Mission

Benefit animals, health, and the planet through the

promotion of responsible products and brands. 

Our Story

In December 2017, Andrew met Meri. A practicing vegan for almost twenty years, Meri explained the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of a vegan lifestyle. A marketing strategist and business growth professional, Andrew was smitten with Meri, a yoga instructor and business owner. He researched the evolving and rapidly growing plant-based marketplace. While transitioning his diet away from animal products, Andrew realized the need for a single source of information to access, discover, sample, and purchase vegan and plant-based products and services.

In 2021, OKVEGAN was born. Andrew and Meri have dated since 2017.

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